New Walk - A quality international print journal for poetry and the arts, published each spring and autumn, full of poetry, art, fiction, interviews, articles, reviews and more, all in a big and beautiful format. The magazine was founded in 2010, and in our short life we have published Alice Oswald, Sinead Morrissey, Christopher Reid, J.M. Coetzee, Dawn Potter, Tom Leonard, Andrew Motion, Mark Ford, Timothy Murphy, Leontia Flynn, Alison Brackenbury, William Logan, Rob Mackenzie, Matt Merritt, Grevel Lindop and many others.

We welcome subscriptions: www.newwalkmagazine.bigcartel.com. We also welcome submissions (in the body of an email in the first instance, please) to newwalkmagazine [aT] gmail [dot] c om.


Rory Waterman – General editor, designer
Rory is Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University. His first collection of poetry will be Tonight the Summer’s Over (Carcanet, 2013). He writes regularly for the TLS and various other publications.

Nick Everett – General editor
Nick is a senior lecturer in the School of English at the University of Leicester, and has published widely on contemporary British and American poetry.

Libby Peake – Fiction editor, designer
Libby has degrees from McGill University in Montreal and Durham University, and is a full-time editor for Resource Media, Bristol.


7 Responses to About

  1. Peter Moltoni says:

    Bi-annual? Would that be semi-annual?

  2. Yes, Peter. They’re synonyms. Twice a year.

  3. Peter Moltoni says:

    Thanks Nick. In some parts of the world, such as in Oz, biannual signifies every two years (as in bicentennial for two hundred years). “Twice a year” may avoid confusion among the less informed. Just sayin’.

  4. Thanks, Peter (this is Rory, by the way). Your comment has been noted, turned into a survey, passed around the world to a representative sample of English speakers, put into all manner of pie charts and bar charts by our massive computer, and you have been found to be [drumroll] CORRECT! Change made. Thank you. I’ll leave these comments up for a few days.

  5. Peter Moltoni says:

    Thanks, Rory. That’s one for the little people.
    Two out of three chances of getting the name right, and I still get it wrong. That’s why I never buy lottery tickets.
    Having improved the quality of your quality journal to the power of ten by my gratis proof-reading, does that qualify me for a free issue? Surely.

  6. Ah! Okay, in a way. But issue 2 at http://www.newwalkmagazine.bigcartel.com and we’ll include a free copy of issue 1. I suppose biannual sounds a bit too much like biennial.

  7. Peter Moltoni says:

    Rory, you do need a proofreader. I take the “but” to be “buy.”
    Do you accept translations?
    Dictionaries vary, but some see “biannual” and “biennial” as synonymous. Confusing.


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